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Information or Questions

Don’t be shy. As the founder of Asphalt Pilots, I’m excited about what I’ve created, so let me answer any question you have! Please visit the contact page to submit your question or comment. The only way I know what you’re looking for, what you like, what you dis-like, and what you’d like to see in gear is by hearing from you!

Custom Work, Custom Designs, or Custom Sizing

We do not offer custom work. We do not provide custom names on the back of race suits. We apologize, but getting into custom work has always brought on additional problems and delays that exceed our capabilities.


We do not offer repair services. The gear offered by Asphalt Pilots is carefully crafted from multiple vendors often combined to create unique pieces of gear. We are not equipped to offer repair services.

Can’t Check Out?

With our new platform, this should be fairly intuitive and easy. Most checkout errors occur due to inputting an address that doesn’t match your credit card billing statement. Often times, for your own security, your bank may halt payment. If you’re confident your information entered is correct, check with your bank for first in case they put a hold on your card for security purposes. For security reasons, there are some countries we simply won’t ship to due to high levels of fraud. If everything else seems correct, please contact us for further help.


Due to the nature of intended use of the merchandise offered, the only warranty we can offer is against manufacturer defect upon delivery. No garment or item can be guaranteed to protect you or withstand potential damage from motorcycle riding or incidents that result thereof. No garment or item is guaranteed to withstand abuse or excessive wear as a result of racing or general motorcycle use.

Order Cancellation or Alteration on Behalf of Asphalt Pilots

Asphalt Pilots reserves the right to cancel or alter an order or an individual item from an order in the event that any of the following circumstances should arise:
• items which are indicated as out of stock
• items which, due to certain problems, cannot be delivered
• credit card fraud

Payment Methods and Wire Transfers

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google, JCB, and Diners Club. These credit cards are accepted here through our secure third party merchant and payment provider. As a result, available usage may vary without notice. For security reasons, if Asphalt Pilots suspects an unusual or suspicious transaction, we may refund the money and not process the order. In such cases, because of the high ticket prices for some of our products, we might require Wire Transfer payment. In such cases, Asphalt Pilots will pay the wire transfer fees, or deduct the fees from your order to offset the inconvenience.

Customs/VAT Fees for International Orders

Asphalt Pilots is not responsible for any Customs or VAT fees on international orders. Such fees are dictated by your country and we have no control over such fees. To protect everyone for the purpose of insuring all orders for their full value, we will not modify any invoice or alter declared value from the original price paid by you, the consumer.

Returns and Refunds

All returns must be initiated within 14 days of receipt of merchandise by contacting us to request a Return Authorization Number. NO RETURN WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.

Return for refunds or exchanges will be honored providing the merchandise is returned in NEW condition! Any gear that is worn, damaged, torn, stained, blemished in any way will void your ability to return the merchandise. Customer is responsible for shipping charges on returns and exchanged merchandise.

Method and Timeline of Delivery

• All orders in the continental U.S. ship by UPS Ground or FedEx Ground (depending on the best option for time, cost, and regional service capability) and require a signature as proof of delivery.
No order will be delivered without signature confirmation! If you cannot be available to sign for delivery, please contact us prior to ordering!
• All orders outside the continental U.S. are delivered by USPS (Postal Service)
• All orders ship within 48 hours. In cases of major U.S. holidays, our ability to ship will be affected by closure of FedEx, UPS, or USPS operations for select holidays.
• Asphalt Pilots WILL NOT ship to an address that is different than the credit card billing address. We will decline all orders with a request to ship to a different address. This is a mandate from the credit card companies to protect us and cardholders against fraud.
• Asphalt Pilots will ship to MOST countries and regions. The sad fact is there are some countries and regions that are highly prone to fraud and we may exclude to process or accept orders from some select areas. If for any reason your order is not being accepted by our online system, please contact me with your complete address so we can be sure your country/region is within our database and capable of processing your order.

Damaged Shipments

All shipments are insured through the carrier. Asphalt Pilots guarantees the condition of the merchandise when it leaves here. Once it’s in the hands of the freight deliverer, a claim must be filed with them for damages and refund. It’s most important that if you receive a damaged package that you notify the delivery driver immediately to initiate a claim. I realize the frustration this might present, but this is common procedure. Until the merchandise is returned of refunded via the damage claim with the carrier, we will NOT ship replacement merchandise.

If there is a damaged shipment, contact Asphalt Pilots to review the specific problem and the steps we’ll colelctivey take to resolve the issue. Once reviewed, claims will be filed by either Asphalt Pilots or you, the recipient by starting the claim procedure from the shipping carrier.

Safety Warning

Do not attempt any unsafe activities, put undo stress on your personal body, or the gear. Respect your investment and it will give you years of pleasure. No product we offer is guaranteed or expressed to provide protection or safety, prevent injury, or minimize injury. Always ride safely and within your capabilities.

Communications / Privacy

• Asphalt Pilots does NOT share your information with any third party, ever.
• During your order process, we capture name and address for shipping and marketing purposes only.
• We do not hold credit card information. The online billing system we use utilizes real-time encrypted data to approve or decline your purchase immediately. Asphalt Pilots never sees, stores, or captures your credit card information.


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