About Asphalt Pilots

Asphalt Pilots was founded in order to create a unique range of apparel and accessories with a particular focus on motorcycle and racing gear.

Asphalt Pilots is solely owned and operated, with all items personally developed and manufactured by one individual.

My intention is to create what interests me in terms of design and function. I have no interest in exploring what other companies are doing and mimicking them. There’s enough of them out there creating the same thing year after year already. If that’s what you want, by all means, send them some love and give them your business.

However, as an avid sport biker who’s spent years working within the motocross and road racing circuit, I wanted to create a unique collection that clearly explores, without apology, visual style, diverse functionality and specialized fabrics and textures for a visual look and tactile appeal that stands apart from the rest.

With no lofty dreams of becoming a global brand, the idea of being a “niche” brand brings a perverse grin to my face knowing that only a select few people will ever know the brand or own an Asphalt Pilots garment.

It’s sort of like having a club that only your best friends know about because “they get it.” They’re a part of you and you’re a part of them.

Who am I? My name is Cody Young. This is my world, this is my gear. Welcome to the club and thank you. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest announcements and product creations…


“It’s not unique gear for every rider. I create gear for every rider that wants to be unique.”


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